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1972-1976 Merged File

About the Dataset

  • Type of study: ANES Merged File
  • Sample universe: eligible voters in U.S. households
  • Sample composition: Time Series cross-sections, panel cases
  • Sample selection: area probability
  • Number of waves: 5 total
  • Completions: per component
  • Modes used: face-to-face
  • Instrument format: paper questionnaire
  • Weights: per component
  • Auxiliary files: none

Study Content Highlights

For cases for this derivative file, respondents were asked the same questions documented for the ANES 1972 Time Series Study, the ANES 1974 Time Series Study, and the ANES 1976 Time Series Study.

Study Design Highlights

This file includes all cases and variables from the 1972, 1974, and 1976 Time Series studies. It also defines three separate panels, the 1972-1974-1976 panel, the 1972-1974 panel, and the 1974-1976 panel, which each includes a subset of Time Series respondents as well as participants who were not Time Series study members; panelists are counted in 1 or more panels depending upon their participation over the waves of interviewing.

Respondents are defined as ‘panel-only,’ ‘Time Series only’ or ‘both panel and Time Series’ by year. Members of the last group are counted in the cross-section of the year’s Time Series study and are also counted within one or more of the panels. Status of interview cases as panel, cross-section, or both is as follows by year:

 cross-only  panel-only  panel and cross  TOT panel  TOT cross
 1972:  1,057 1,648 1,648 2,705
 1974:  374 1,201 1,201 1,575
 1976:  1,269 651 990 1,641 2,259*

Cases that are ‘both Panel and Time Series’ intersect membership as follows:

1972 TS cross 1974 TS cross 1976 TS cross
TOTAL 2,705 1,575 2,259*
1972-1974-1976 panel 1,320 1,320 880 785
1972-1974 panel 1,624 1,624 1,100
1974-1976 panel 1,201 1,201 937

* in the 1972-1976 Merged File, there are 2,259 cases identified as 1976 cross-section; 11 of these
are not in the release of the 1976 Time Series study, which includes 2,248 cases.

For panel interviewing, attempts were made to follow movers who still lived within 50 miles of a sample area. In 1974, panel reinterviews were sought with all respondents who had been interviewed in both waves of the 1972 Time Series study; in 1976, panel reinterviews were sought with existing panel members and with the new cross-section cases from the 1974 study.

1972-1974-1976 panel respondents are 1972 Time Series cross-section respondents who were interviewed twice (pre and post) in 1972 and then successfully re-interviewed in 1974 and in at least 1 wave in 1976; also among the cases defined for this panel are 24 cases of 1972 pre-and-post respondents who were re-interviewed in 1976 (both pre and Post) even though they had not been re-interviewed in 1974.

1972-1974 panel respondents are 1972 Time Series cross-section respondents who were interviewed in both 1972 waves and then re-interviewed in 1974, regardless whether they were ever re-interviewed in 1976.

1974-1976 panel respondents are 1974 cross-section respondents who were re-interviewed at least once in 1976 (pre or post). The 1974-1976 panel includes respondents not present in either of the other panels because the 1974 cross-section incorporated new respondents as well as respondents who had already participated in the 1972 Time Series study.

Weights Summary

1972 Time Series cases are unweighted, and are selected in this file using V764005. 1974 and 1976 Time Series weights are the same ones found in the releases of the standalone 1974 and 1976 Time Series studies , V742003 and V763003; both compensate for differential sampling rates among the study sample components during those years. The weight values from V742003 and V763003 are also found in variables V764006 and V764007, which serve as sample selection variables to select cases from these Time Series studies.

Samples for the 1972-1974-1976 panel and the 1972-1974 panel are unweighted, and a sample selection variable is present for each (V764002 and V764003, respectively). For the 1974-1976 panel, weight/sample selection variable V764004 selects cases from this panel and also weights to compensate for the differential sampling rates used in 1974 and 1976 for different sample components.

Auxiliary Files

No auxiliary file is present for this derivative file release.