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1985 Pilot Study

About the Dataset

  • Pilot Study
  • Number of cases: 429
  • Number of Variables: 1652

Study Content Highlights

Measures of political knowledge; group identification for elderly, blacks, and women; attitudes toward racial groups and opinions on traditional moral values; important positions of U.S. Senators and Representatives; political mobilization; civic duty; experiments on question wording and format.

Study Design Highlights

From a sample of respondents from the ANES 1984 Pre-Post Study selected for the 1985 pilot study, 15 replicates were drawn. Replicates 1-10 represent the cross-section, and replicates 11-15 constitute an oversample of elderly (over 60). The 1985 study was carried out, via telephone interviews, in two waves. Wave I (November 11 to December 13) encompassed 429 interviews, and Wave II (December 6, 1985, to January 16, 1986) obtained 345 reinterviews. Each wave used two questionnaires, Form A and Form B, administered to different half-samples (randomly assigned). Sample also limited to those 1984 respondents who completed a pre- and a post- election interview and had a telephone.