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1990 Time Series Study

About the Dataset

  • Time Series Study
  • Includes: vote validation
  • Completions: 1,980 post-election
  • Sample: all fresh cross-section
  • Modes used: face-to-face
  • Weights: (none)
  • Auxiliary files: nonresponse ‘bias’ file, call record file

Study Content Highlights

In addition to content on electoral participation, voting behavior, and public opinion, the  ANES 1990 contains questions in other areas such as values and predispositions, and evaluation of parties. Special-interest and topical content includes a new battery on individualism, and new questions on the savings and loan failures, changes in Eastern Europe, discrimination against women, and the developing situation in the Persian Gulf, together with a newly expanded question series on denominational affiliation.

Study Design Highlights

Besides being a stand-alone time-series data collection, in which the full sample comprises a representative cross-section, the 1990 ANES is also the first wave in a three-wave study that subsequently continued in the 1991 Pilot and ANES 1992, and which featured special inclusion of questions on developments in the Persian Gulf in all 3 waves. The ANES 1990 was conducted using 2 randomly-assigned versions or ‘forms’ of the questionnaire. To reduce overall interview length, approximately 25% of content was assigned to half-samples through the form assignments, with 75% of content identical between forms. Questions specific to form ‘A’ covered values and individualism, and questions unique to form ‘B’ related to foreign relations. Among specific design features of the ANES 1990 were an experiment comparing branching-versus-scale question formats, and the coding of probes used by interviewers.

Administration of the post-election interview began immediately after the November 6 elections, and continued until January 21, 1991. The average interview length was 78 minutes, and 1,980 completions were yielded from 2,826 eligible in the sample.

Auxiliary Files Description

The 1990 Nonresponse or ‘Bias’ file contains respondent-level field administration, sampling, and interviewer variables for the full 1990 sample. The 1990 Call Record file is a call-level/contact-level file that contains call and contact information for the full set of 1990 sample lines.