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1998 Pilot Study

About the Dataset

  • Type of study: ANES Pilot Study
  • Number of cases: 1203
  • Number of variables: 798

Study Content Highlights

The 1998 Pilot Study was a 40-minute pre-election, telephone survey, yielding 1203 completed interviews. The full study commenced on September 8, 1998 and was completed on November 3, 1998.

Telephone interviews with California, Illinois, and Georgia households were selected by random digit dialing. The sample population consisted of U.S. citizens (over age 18 by the day of the election) residing in the selected states and eligible to vote; people not living in telephone households were excluded. Respondents were selected using the Kish method, following identification of the number, age, and gender of all household members. Payment was offered as incentive.