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2000 Pilot Study

About the Dataset

  • Type of study: Pilot Study
  • Number of Cases: 424
  • Sample: all fresh cross-section
  • Number of Variables: 826

Study Content Highlights

The 2000 Pilot Study was a 14-minute telephone interview, yielding 424 completed interviews. The full study commenced on April 3, 2000 and was completed on May 14, 2000. Specific topic areas in the study include: (1) social trust, general and domain specific, (2) trust in elections, (3) civic engagement, and (4) a new method for measuring social desirability norms. The use of the CATI enabled a number of experimental treatments within the survey instrumentation, including random assignment of questions in specific batteries and random form generation.

Study Design Highlights

Pilot study respondents were previously interviewed as part of the 1998 Post Election Study. The 2000 Pilot Study dataset includes all variables from the 1998 interview. The sample was stratified on political information. The sampling fraction for the stratum was proportional to predicted response rate.