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2010 Panel Recontact Study

About the Dataset

  • ANES 2010 Panel Recontact Study
  • Completions: 1,561
  • Sample: all panel, from ANES 2008-2009 Panel Study
  • Weights: analyses should be weighted

Study Highlights

The ANES 2010 Panel Recontact Study is a reinterview of the ANES 2008-2009 Panel Study panelists. Those who previously completed at least one ANES wave of the Panel Study before November 2008 and who also completed the November 2008 (post-election) wave were invited to complete a followup interview in June 2010. Data collection ended in July, 2010.

The study was conducted entirely on the Internet from a sample selected and recruited by telephone. It represents U.S. citizens age 18 or older as of election day in November 2008.

Study Content

The questions on the recontact survey covered numerous topics. Many questions were previously asked on earlier waves of the ANES 2008-2009 Panel Study. Topics included interest in politics, cosmopolitanism, efficacy, trust in government, divided government, attitudes toward parties, personality, economic peril, race discrimination, numerous policy attitudes, and income inequality. See the questionnaire in the Methodology Report appendix for question wording.

Weights and Data Analysis

The dataset is intended to be merged with the data from the ANES 2008-2009 Panel Study.

The dataset includes weights that should be used for analyses that generalize to the population. See the Methodology Report and User’s Guide for instructions.

Response Rate

The estimated overall response rate (AAPOR RR3, based on observed eligibility among known cases) at the recontact stage was 16 percent.