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2012 Direct Democracy Study

About the Dataset

  • Type of study: two-wave panel study
  • Sample universe: U.S. voting-age citizens (18 or older)
  • Sample composition: internet panel cases
  • Number of waves: 2 (one pre-election, one post-election)
  • Modes used: internet
  • Number of completions: 5,415
  • Weights: weight_pre and weight_post
  • Additional files: none
  • Associated studies or derivative files: ANES 2012 Time Series Study

Study Design & Content Highlights

The ANES 2012 Direct Democracy Study collected public opinion data concerning ballot measures in 13 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.

Data were collected concurrently with the ANES 2012 Time Series Study by asking Direct Democracy questions to Time Series respondents during (at the end of) the Time Series pre- and post-election interviews and by administering a separate Direct Democracy questionnaire to a supplemental sample of respondents. These supplemental respondents completed a subset of the Time Series questions. All respondents answered questions about ballot measures in their state, including voting on ballot measures, ease of understanding them, groups ballot measures would affect, groups campaigning for or against ballot measures, and evaluation of the use of ballot measures.

The estimated overall response rate (AAPOR RR3) is 1 or 2 percent.

Weights Summary

Use the variables weight_pre and weight_post.