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ANES-GSS 2020 Joint Study

About the Dataset

  • Type of study: ANES-GSS panel
  • Total number of interviews: 1,164 ANES 2020 Time Series post-election study
  • Sample universe: 1,734 persons that participated in the GSS 2016-2020 Panel study
  • Sample composition: participants from the GSS 2016-2020 Panel study
  • Number of waves: 1 (ANES 2020 Time Series post-election study)
  • Number of interviews: 1,164
  • Modes used: internet

Study Content Highlights

This dataset is the result of a collaboration in the year 2020 on data collection between the American National Election Studies (ANES) and General Social Survey (GSS), which resulted in a sample of GSS respondents answering questions from both studies and allows the two studies to be linked. The questionnaire administered to GSS respondents was based on the ANES 2020 Time Series post-election questionnaire, but some additional questions were asked in a GSS-specific questionnaire module. Some important demographic information was not collected from GSS respondents in the ANES questionnaire because that information was already reported on the GSS questionnaire; these data are available from the GSS dataset.

Study Design Highlights

For the ANES-GSS 2020 Joint Study, respondents who completed the 2016-2020 GSS Panel Study were invited to complete a post-election interview as part of the ANES 2020 Time Series study. The GSS sample component eligible for the ANES consisted of 1,734 respondents to the GSS 2016-2020 Panel survey who were U.S. citizens. They were subsequently invited by NORC at the University of Chicago to be interviewed by ANES. ANES-GSS 2020 Joint Study respondents were interviewed alongside other ANES 2020 Time Series study respondents during the post-election period, between November 8, 2020, and January 4, 2021. A total of 1,164 GSS respondents completed post-election interviews for ANES, using self-administered web questionnaires. Interviews were able to be conducted in English or Spanish.

Weights Summary

The Joint Study dataset includes one post-stratified weight variable, V200017b, that is designed for analysis of the GSS cases alone. Separately, the GSS 2016-2020 Panel dataset available from the GSS website contains weights designed for analysis of the full GSS sample. To analyze the ANES-GSS 2020 Joint Study cases as part of the GSS sample, the weights GSS provides may be used. However, to analyze the Joint Study cases alone, we recommend the weights provided on the Joint Study file. The ANES-GSS Joint Study Bridging File contains two additional weights designed for analysis of the GSS cases in combination with the ANES cases. One, V200018b, is for the analysis of the entire combined ANES-GSS sample. The other, V200019b, is for analysis of the combined sample excluding the subset of the sample that was designated for video interviews.


American National Election Studies. 2022. ANES-GSS 2020 Joint Study [dataset and documentation]. April 8, 2022 version.