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RDA: Birthdate Files

RDA Birthdate files contain exact birthdate of respondents, which is not available in the public release files.

Time Series RDA birthdate files

Exact date of respondent birth is available as RDA data for Time Series studies 1996 and later.

Beginning in 1964, respondents were asked for date of birth rather than for ‘age’ as in preceding years of the Time Series. Only month and year of birth have ever been made available in Time Series public releases. Exact day of birth was not archived for Time Series studies prior to 1996, however.

There are no RDA data files of birthdate for any non-Time Series studies conducted 1996 or earlier.

For non-Time Series studies conducted after 1994, users must inquire if exact birthdate is available as restricted data, however fulfillment of requests would be subject to the limitations described for RDA data which have not already been pre-prepared.