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Conference on Cross-National Research in Social Sciences

Ann Arbor, Michigan

October 2-8, 1977

A multidisciplinary conference on Cross-National Research in the Social Sciences was held October 2-8, 1977, at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Some thirty-five scholars presently engaged in collaborative cross-national research participated in plenary sessions and in four designated work groups which were focused upon: modes of resolving conceptual problems in the comparative analyses of data produced by ongoing as well as past comparative studies; development of cross-national indicators and standardization of measurement procedures; problems deriving from different types of scientific sponsorship and different research infrastructures providing support; and the value of cross-national datasets and supporting materials for secondary analysis and professional training.
Note on a General Social Survey in West Germany
by Hans D. Klingemann

Some Problems of Data Analysis in Comparative Research
by Klaus R. Allerbeck

The Sociopolitical Decision and Indicator System for the Federal Republic of Germany
by Ralph Brennecke

The Readline-Project: A Cross-Cultural Approach for the Development of Textual Indicators
by Alexander Deichsel

The Comparative MP and CS Project: Conceptual and Technical Problems S.J. Eldersveld
by S.J. Eldersveld

The Organizational Infrastructure of a Cross-National, Inter-Disciplinary Survey on the Living Conditions of Young Families and their Children
by Rudolf Fisch

Resources for Cross-National Research
by Thomas A. Herz

Policy Innovation in Modern Federal Systems: Establishing and Implementing Research Priorities
by Richard I. Hofferbert, Gunther Schafer, Raimund Germann, and Uli Widmaier

Some Observations on the Logic of International Comparisons
by K. Hope

The Roots of Political Action: Progress and Problems in a Cross-National Research Project
by Ronald Inglehart

The Contribution of Microanalytic Simulation Models to the Theory of Income Distribution
by Hans-Juergen Krupp

A Brief History of the Project: Gesellschaftliche und Politische Indikatoren Fur Unterstutzung/Opposition, Zufriedenheit/Unzufriedenheit und Beherrschung/Machtlosigkeit
by Edward N. Muller

Strategies for Comparative Political Behavior Research
by Bradley Richardson

Studying Elite Political Culture: Problems in Design and Interpretation
by Bert A. Rockman

The Conduct of Comparative Research
by Donald J. Treiman.

Problems and Complications in Comparative Elite Research – the Dutch Case
by Theo Van der Tak

Report on a Conference on Crossnational Research in the Social Sciences
by Max Kaase and Warren E. Miller