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Conference on the Impact of the Campaign

November 4-5, 1994

The Conference on the Impact of the Campaign focused on data and surveys surrounding campaign efforts. Participants reached a general consensus regarding the need for contextual data surrounding campaigns, while reaching only disagreements concerning sample design and other specifics. Thus, the Board proposed the formation of a standing committee composed of a subset of conference participants. The committee would guide the Board, and help plan and write more concrete proposals. For now, the Board recognized the need for ANES to shepherd campaign studies, specifically regarding collection of macro data. However, more accurate research on the impact of campaigns would require a very large respondent group and much more funding. Thus, ANES chose not to seek funding to implement study changes in 1996, unless viable options appeared.
The Impact of Electioneering in the United States  
by Larry Bartels

Adjusting for Measurement Error in the Analysis of Opinion Change
by Larry Bartels

Memorandum on Study Design Alternatives
by Henry Brady

Public Cynicism and News Coverage in Campaigns and Policy Debates: Three Field Experiments
by Joseph Cappella and Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Constructing Candidate Images: Candidate Self-Presentations, Media Coverage and Voter Considerations in the 1992 U.S. Presidential Campaign
by Ann Crigler and Marion Just

The Effects of A Strategy-Based Political News Schema: A Markle Foundation Project Report
by Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Joseph Cappella

Campaigns, National Conditions, and U.S. Presidential Elections
by Thomas Holbrook

Suggestions Concerning the “Campaign Effects” Study
by Shanto Iyengar and Adam Simon

Candidate Preferences in the Mass Public: Sources of Stability and Change During a Presidential Campaign
by William Jacoby

The Collapse of a Party System? The 1993 Canadian General Election
by Richard Johnston, Andre Blais, Elisabeth Gidengil, Neil Nevitte, and Henry Brady

Constructing the Campaign: Brief Comments on Methods of Research
by Marion Just, Ann Crigler, Timothy Cook, Dean Alger, Montague Kern, and Darrell West

Beneath Stormy Waters: The Evolution of Individual Decision Making in the 1984 and 1988 Presidential Elections
by Mitch Sanders

Chapters 4,5, and 6 of dissertation on Presidential Campaigning
by Daron Shaw

Politics as Usual: The Rise and Fall of Candidate Perot
by John Zaller and Mark Hunt

Campaign Issues, Partisanship and Governance
by Laurence Weil and Kay F. Israel