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1976 Time Series Study

Post-election Wave

View the 1976 Post-election Respondent Booklet 
View the 1976 Post-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 1976 Post-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A10(a)(1) – A10(a)(5) Page 1 V763542-V763546 List of 4 (and “other”) persons R talked with about election
B1a-B1f Page 2 V763548-V763553 9-point scale (Very poor/Very good) on rating Gov’t performance (6 levels/units)
B2a-B2f Page 3 V763554-V763559 7-point scale (Much less/Much more) on Gov’t institutional influence (6 levels/units)
B4a-B4h, B4j, B4k, B4m, B4n, B4p-B4z, B4aa Page 4 V763566-V763589 Influence of 24 social groups (3 options)
B5, B5a, B5b Page 5 V763590-V763592 Trust evaluation of 4 Gov’t institutions – 3 statements
C12a-C12d Page 6 V763635-V763638 Frequency of TV viewing – 4 statements (4 options)
C16a-C16g Page 7 V763647-V763653 Frequency of newspaper reading by article type – 7 statements (4 options)
D1a(a)-D1a(i) Page 8 V763656-V763664 List of 9 reasons for R’s not voting
D6a-D6e Page 9 V763678-V763682 List of 5 problems voters encountered in voting
E6a, E6a(a)-E6a(e) Page 10 V763694, V763695, V763697, V763699, V763701, V763703 List of individuals R spoke to about R’s most important problem
E7a-E7j; E8a-E8j; E9a-E9j Set of 10 sortcards V763705-V763735 10 important issues – R’s choice(s) for non-important; Gov’t’s responsibility in dealing with R’s important issues; R’s choice for most important issues (1-4)
G3 Page 11 V763750 Responsibility for economic problems (4 levels/units of Gov’t)
G4a-G4g Page 12 V763751-V763757 4-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on 7 reasons for poor people
G5a-G5i Page 13 V763758-V763766 7-point scale (Gov’t see to job and good SOL/each person get ahead on own) on job and good standard of living – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties, 4 groups
G6a-G6e Page 14 V763767-V763771 7-point scale (solve problems of poverty and unemployment/use all available force) on problem of urban unrest and rioting – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
G7a-G7g Page 15 V763772-V763778 7-point scale (Make use of marijuana legal/Make penalties for use higher) on marijuana – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties, 2 groups
G8a-G8h Page 16 V763779-V763786 7-point scale (Increase tax rate for high income/Same tax rate for everyone) on taxation – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties, 3 groups
G9a-G9i Page 17 V763787-V763795 7-point scale (Equal role for women/Women’s place in the home) on women’s rights – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties, 4 groups
G10 Page 18 V763796 Opinions on abortion (4 options)
G14-G25 Green sheets (3 pages) V763802-V763814 12 pairs of polarized statements on discrimination (R chooses one most agreed with)
J1a-J1h, J1j, J1k, J1m, J1n, J1p-J1z, J1aa-J1ff Page 19 V763821-V763849 Feeling Thermometer for 29 groups
J2a-J2h, J2j, J2k, J2m, J2n, J2p-J2s; J3 Page 21 V763850-V763867 Closeness to 16 groups; Group R feels closest to
J9a, J10a Page 22 V763880, V763881 7-point scale (Organize as group/Work as individuals) on gaining influence, gaining economic power in ‘closest group’
J11a-J11f; J12a-J12f Page 23 V763882-V763893 Strategies R has used to increase closest group’s influence (6 statements); Strategies good to use and effective even if R has not done
L4a-L4e Page 24 V763914-V763918 Personal safety from crime measures used – 5 statements
L5a-L5d Page 25 V763919-V763922 R as witness to/victim of crime – 4 statements
L10a-L10e, L10a(a)-L10a(e) Page 26 V763931-V763940 Rokkeach instrumental values – importance/ranked importance to R
L11a-L11d, L11a(a)-L11a(d) Page 27 V763941-V763948 Rokkeach terminal values – importance/ranked importance to R
L12, L12a Page 28 V763949, V763950 First, second choices on most important of 4 national goals