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1986 Time Series Study

Post-election Wave

View the 1986 Post-election Respondent Booklet 
View the 1986 Post-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 1986 Post-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A3a, A4a Page 1 V860063, V860065 Attention to campaign in various media (5 options)
A5a Page 2 V860067 How often R discusses politics with family or friends
B12a-B12h, B12j, B12k, B12m, B12n, B12p-s; B13a-B13h, B13j, B13k, B13m Page 3 V860130-V860156 Feeling Thermometer for 16 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 11 groups
C12, C12a(a)-C12a(h); C15, C15a(a)-C15a(h); C17, C17a(a)-C17a(h); C19, C19a(a)-C19a(h) Page 4 V850220-V860228, V860231-V860239, V860241-V860249, V860251-V860259 R’s contact with House incumbent, challenger, Dem/Rep candidates (8 options)
J6a-J6f Page 5 V860364-V860369 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on opinions on equal opportunity
K1a, K1b-K1h, K1j Page 6 V860385, V860387-V860394 7-point scale (Liberal/Conservative) – placement of self, 6 individuals, 2 parties
L1a-L1h, L1j, L1k Page 7 V860405-V860414 7-point scale (Decrease defense spending/Increase defense spending) on defense spending – placement for self, 6 individuals, 2 parties, federal gov’t
L3a Page 8 V860426 7-point scale (Gov’t should help minority groups/minority groups should help themselves) on Gov’t help for minorities – placement for self
L4a Page 9 V860427 7-point scale (Gov’t should help blacks/blacks should help themselves) on Gov’t help for blacks – placement for self
L5a-L5h, L5j, L5k Page 10 V860428-V860437 7-point scale (More involved/Less involved) on Central America – placement for self, 6 individuals, 2 parties, federal gov’t
L6a-L6h, L6j, L6k Page 11 V860448-V860457 7-point scale (Fewer services-reduce spending/More services-increase spending) on gov’t providing services – placement for self, 6 individuals, 2 parties, federal gov’t
M1 Page 12 V860481 School prayer (4 options)
M4a Page 13 V860486 7-point scale (Job and good standard of living/each person get ahead on own) on job and good standard of living – placement for self
M5a Page 14 V860487 7-point scale (Cooperate more/Get much tougher) on relations with Russia – placement for self
M6 Page 15 V860488 Opinions on abortion (4 options)
N3 Page 16 V860507 Statements about Bible validity (4 options)
N4a-N4g; P2; P5a-P5h Page 17 V860508-V860514, V860522, V860525-V860532 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on R’s opinions on success; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on R’s opinion on gov’t guarantee of black and white equality; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on R’s opinions on morality
Q12a-Q12h Page 18 V860550-V860557 4-point scale (Extremely well/Not well at all) on traits describing President Reagan
R5a-R5d; R7a-R7f/ S5a-S5d; S7a-S7f Page 19 V860565-V860568, V860577-V860582 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on equal opportunity between races
Y3h; Y4; Y27 Page 20 V860613, V860614, V860675 R’s spouse’s employment (7 options) (if R is male); R’s employment (7 options); head of family employment (7 options)
Y49; Y50 Page 21 V860733, V860734 Estimated income for 1985 (22 categories) (total for family; total for just R)
Y60 Page 22 V860749 Community where R was brought up (8 options)