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1990-1992 Merged File

Updates & Errata

Current Dataset Release: May 3, 1999 Version

November 19, 2015

The following errata describes certain discrepancies in the data contained in the 1990 ANES Time Series Study, 1990 ANES Pilot Study, and 1990-92 ANES Merged File.

In all three studies, there are two cases that contain erroneous data for the variable V900099 (B5A. Do you approve/disapprove strongly or not strongly?). For case 1196 the response should be coded “1” (Strongly). For case 1600 the response should be coded “4” (Not strongly).

This ANES dataset is derivative file. It was created from the contents of other ANES datasets (component files). While some errata are specific to just this derivative file and are listed below, users will also need to consult the errata pages for the component files from which this derivative file was created.