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2004 Time Series Study

Pre-Election Wave

View the 2004 Pre-election Respondent Booklet 

View the 2004 Pre-election Questionnaire 

Administration of the 2004 Pre-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A7a, A8c, A9a1 Page 1 V043015, V043018, V043022 Attention to campaign in various media (5 options)
B1a-B1h, B1j, B1k, B1m, B1q; B1n, B1p Page 2 V043038-V043051 Feeling Thermometer for 12 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 2 parties
E1a, E2-E6 Page 3 V043085, V043087-V043091 7-point scale (Liberal/Conservative) -placement for self, 3 individuals, 2 parties
F7a Page 4 V043107 7-point scale (Diplomacy and Int’l Pressure/Ready to use military force) on solutions to international problems – placement for self
K1a-K1g; K2a-K2g Page 5 V043117-V043130 4-point scale (Extremely well/Not well at all) on traits describing George Bush Jr./John Kerry
N1a, N1b-N1e Page 6 V043136, V043138-V043141 7-point scale (Fewer services-reduce spending/More services-increase spending) on gov’t providing services – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
N2a, N2b-N2e Page 7 V043142, V043144-V043147 7-point scale (Decrease defense spending/Increase defense spending) on defense spending – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
N4a Page 8 V043150 7-point scale (gov’t insurance plan/private insurance plan) on health insurance – placement for self
N5a, N5b-N5e Page 9 V043152, V043154-V043157 7-point scale (Job and good standard of living/each person get ahead on own) on job and good standard of living – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
N6a, N6b-N6e Page 10 V043158, V043160-V043163 7-point scale (Gov’t should help blacks/blacks should help themselves) on Gov’t help for blacks – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
P3a, P3b, P3c Page 11 V043182, V043184, V043185 7-point scale (Protect environment/Jobs and good S.O.L. more important) on the environment and jobs – placement for self, 2 individuals
P6a, P6b-P6e Page 12 V043196, V043198-V043201 7-point scale (Equal role for women/Women’s place in the home) on women’s rights – placement for self, 2 individuals, 2 parties
W3 Page 13 V043221 How often does R pray? (5 options)
W4 Page 14 V043222 Statements about Bible validity (3 options)
Y6(1), Y6(2), Y6c; Y18a1, Y18a2 Page 15 V043260a-V043260c, V043289, V043289a R’s employment (7 options) (3 mentions); R’s spouse’s employment (7 options) (2 mentions)
Y21a, Y21b Page 16 V043293, V043294 Estimated income for 2003 (23 categories) – total for family, R
Y29 Page 17 V043306 R’s Hispanic group of origin (6 options)