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1948 Time Series Study

About the Dataset

  • Number of Cases: 662
  • Number of Variables: 65

Study Content Highlights

The first survey was not primarily concerned with the election; its major focus was on public attitudes regarding American foreign policy. However, in order to measure political interest and general political orientation, respondents were asked if they were going to vote in the 1948 presidential election and for what party they planned to vote. These two questions, along with five concerning American foreign policy, comprised the data in the 1948 American National Election Study.

The second survey was undertaken in November after the presidential election had been held. One of the objectives of the study was to gather data that would help illuminate some of the perplexities of the presidential vote. The study was designed to examine the characteristics of Republican and Democratic voters, the importance of various national and international issues and the effects of the presidential campaigns on voting behavior. Interviewers asked respondents both closed and open-ended questions in both surveys.

Study Design Highlights

The study contains data from two nation-wide surveys conducted during October and November of 1948.