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1980 Merged File

About the Dataset

  • Type of Study: ANES Merged File
  • Sample universe: eligible voters from U.S. households
  • Sample composition: cross-sections
  • Sample selection: area probability
  • Number of waves: 8 total
  • Completions: per component study
  • Modes used: face-to-face, telephone
  • Instrument format: paper questionnaire, CATI
  • Weights: none
  • Auxiliary files: none

Study Content Highlights

This release is an ANES derivative file which merges data from 3 studies having content in common: the ANES 1980 Time Series Study, the ANES 1980 Major Panel Study, and the ANES 1980 Minor Panel Study. No cases were common across the studies.

All cases and data from the 3 component studies are present with the exception of data for a subset of questions from the 1980 Time Series study*. Variable naming does not match variable names used for the 1980 Time Series study or 1980 Major Panel study releases. The 1980 Minor Panel is currently not available except in this derivative file. The 1980 Minor Panel study included content on the development of attitudes toward and evaluations of candidates during an election campaign.

In this file, variables combine data from multiple administrations of the same question across the component studies; for example, a 1980 Merged File variable might combine (for the same question) data from the Time Series Pre-election wave, from wave P1 of the 1980 Major Panel, and from wave C1 of the 1980 Minor Panel. No variable can represent multiple waves from the same study, however; when the same question had been administered in multiple waves of at least one component study, more than one variable is necessary for the question. Codebook documentation is organized at question level: each unique question (identified as an ‘item’ in the codebook) is documented with a list of 1 or more 1980 Merged File variables that provide data for 1-3 administrations of the question among the waves of the component studies.

Vote validation data are included for all 3 original cross-sections (P1, C1, C3) in variables VIN4001-VIN4012.

Study Design Highlights

The sample for each of the three component studies constitutes an independent cross-section. The discrete data collections representing 8 waves of interviewing may be summarized and selected (using variables VIN1760-VIN1763) as follows:

Wave IW dates Mode Completions Selection value
1980 Major Panel P1  Jan 22-Feb 25, 1980  face-to-face 1008 VIN1760=1
P2  Jun 4-Jul 13, 1980  face-to-face 843 VIN1760=2
P3  Sep 2-Oct 1, 1980  face-to-face 769 VIN1761=3
P4  Nov 5-Nov 25, 1980  telephone 764 VIN1762=4
1980 Minor Panel C1  Apr 2-May 2, 1980  face-to-face 965 VIN1762=5
C4 Nov 5-Nov 26, 1980 telephone 818 VIN1763=6
1980 Time Series C3  Sep 2-Nov 3, 1980  face-to-face 1614 VIN1763=7
C3po  Nov 5-Dec 17, 1980  face-to-face 1408 VIN1763=8

Weights Summary

No weights are present in this file for any of the component studies.

Auxiliary File Description

No auxiliary file is present for this derivative file release.