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1989 Pilot Study

About the Dataset

  • Pilot Study
  • Number of Cases: 614
  • Number of Variables: 1934

Study Content Highlights

New measures of religious affiliation, religiosity, and media exposure; questions about U.S. Senators and Representatives. A significant number of experiments question wording and formats, including: bi- vs. uni-, framed vs. stripped; branched vs. 7-point.

Study Design Highlights

A subsample of respondents from the 1988 ANES Pre-Post Study was selected for telephone interviews in two waves. The sample (1988 Pre- and Post- election respondents with telephones) was stratified on level of political information. The sampling fraction for each stratum was proportional to predicted response rate. Wave I (July 6 to August 1) encompassed 614 interviews, and Wave II (September 6 to October 6) obtained 494 reinterviews. Each wave used four questionnaires, Forms A through D.