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2016-2020 Panel Merged File

About the Dataset

  • ANES Merged File
  • Sample universe: Panel cases
  • Sample universe: ANES 2016 web and face-to-face post-election respondents
  • Number of waves: four (2016 pre-eIection, 2016 post-election, 2020 pre-election, 2020 post-election)
  • Number of interviews in 2016: 2,839 pre-election; 2,670 post-election
  • Mode: face-to-face and internet in 2016, internet in 2020

Study Content Highlights

This data file does not represent new content but is the result of merging data from two previously-released studies. For additional information, please refer to the documentation of the source studies, the ANES 2016 Time Series Study and the ANES 2020 Time Series Study.

Study Design Highlights

The 2016-2020 Panel Merged File dataset, provided in SPSS format, is a derivative file provided for the convenience of users. It combines panel cases from the ANES 2016 Time Series Study and ANES 2020 Time Series Study into a single dataset using the 2016 Case ID variable, V160001_orig. The panel cases from the ANES 2020 Time Series Study will be approached again as part of the ANES 2024 Time Series study, after which panel data from the ANES 2024 Time Series Study will also be merged into this dataset.

Weights Summary

Several weight variables are available, each intended to be used with particular study components or aggregations of cases. Weights should be used in analyses to accurately represent the population. For correct standard errors, users should employ procedures that take into account the complex sampling design.


American National Election Studies. 2024. ANES 2016-2020 Panel Study Merged File [dataset and documentation]. May 15, 2024 version.