2020 Time Series Study



About the Dataset

Type of study: ANES Time Series Study

Study Content Highlights

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to eliminate face-to-face interviewing and make this a mixed-mode study comprised of Internet, video and telephone interviews. The new study design seeks to preserve our high standards for quality, representativeness, and comparability. The data collection will include a fresh cross-section of respondents, reinterviews of respondents from the 2016 ANES data collection, and a collaboration to interview a subset of respondents from the General Social Survey (GSS).

Pre-election interviews were conducted from August 2020 until Election Day (Tuesday, November 3). Post-election interviewing began soon after the election and continues through the end of December. This field period corresponds to the traditional ANES field period, starting the day after Labor Day and concluding the day before Election Day.

New content for 2020: sexual harassment and misconduct, health insurance, identity politics, immigration, media trust and misinformation, institutional legitimacy, campaigns, party images, trade tariffs and tax policy.