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2024 Message Testing Study 2

About the Dataset

  • ANES Special Study
  • Completions: 2800 qualified
  • Sample: opt-in online quota sample
  • Mode: Internet
  • Weights: none available

Study Content Highlights:

The ANES 2024 Message Testing Study 2 was conducted for the purpose of preliminary testing of messages to recruit participants in the ANES Time Series studies. The study measures attitudes towards groups and objectives that may be mentioned in recruitment messages, such as research, universities, and students, and includes question wording experiments.

The survey was conducted using non-probability quota sampling with an opt-in online panel. This method produces a sample that may resemble the population on selected characteristics but may still differ in unknown ways on other characteristics. This is not a representative sample, and is intended only for pretesting of ANES recruitment materials.

Data collection was conducted between January 8 and January 22, 2024. Sample was provided by Bovitz. ANES staff programmed the survey and collected the data using the Qualtrics survey platform. The sample includes 3,371 responses, of which 2,800 are considered “qualified completes” who are adult U.S. citizens living in the 50 states or District of Columbia who completed the questionnaire once and passed an attention check.