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1974 Time Series Study

Post-election Wave

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Administration of the 1976 Post-election Show Cards:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A3a-A3f; A10a-A10h Card X V742028-V742033, V742049-V742056 How often R watches TV (4 options); How often R reads newspaper (4 options)
A7a-A7f; A11a-A11f Card Y V742038-V742043, V742057-V742062 Reasons for watching TV as political information source (3 options); Reasons for reading news as political information source (3 options)
C5a-C5j; C6a-C6j; C6(a)a-C6(a)j Set of 10 sortcards V742127-V742156 Campaign issues to be prioritized (10 issues) – talked about most by candidates, least important, most important ranking
G15-G18 Card G15 V742234-V742237 Gov’t responsiveness – 4 statements (3 options)
H1, H1a, H1b Card H1 V742241-V742243 Parts of Gov’t R trusts most/least – 3 statements (4 options)
H4a-H4g Card H4 V742250-V742256 9-point scale (Very poor job/Very good job) on quality of job of TV news, levels/units of Gov’t
H5a-H5g Card H5 V742257-V742263 7-point scale (Much less influence in society/Much more influence) on amount of influence TV news, levels/units of Gov’t SHOULD have
J5a-J5h Card J5 V742265-V742272 7-point scale (Gov’t see to job and good SOL/each person get ahead on own) on job and good standard of living – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
J6a-J6h Card J6 V742273-V742280 7-point scale (solve problems of poverty and unemployment/use all available force) on problem of urban unrest and rioting – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
J7a-J7g Card J7 V742281-V742287 7-point scale (protect rights of accused/stop crime regardless) on rights of accused – placement for self, 4 individuals, 2 parties
J8a-J8h Card J8 V742288-V742295 7-point scale (Bus/Keep Children in Neighborhood Schools) on integration – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
J9a-J9f Card J9 V742296-V742301 7-point scale (Gov’t should help minority groups/minority groups should help themselves) on Gov’t help for minorities – placement for self, 3 individuals, 2 parties
J10a-J10c Card J10 V742302-V742304 7-point scale (Equal role for women/Women’s place in the home) on women’s rights – placement for self, 2 individuals
J11a-J11h Card J11 V742305-V742312 7-point scale (Liberal/Conservative) – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
L1a-L1h, L1j, L1k, L1m, L1n, L1p-L1u; L2a-L2h, L2j, L2k, L2m, L2n, L2p-L2z Card L1 V742338-V742378 Feeling Thermometer for 18 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 23 groups
L3a-L3h, L3j, L3k, L3m, L3n, L3p-L3t Card L3 V742379-V742395 R’s opinion of group influence (3 options) – 17 groups
M8a, M8b Card M9 V742403, V742404 7-point scale (Delighted/Terrible) on satisfaction with R’s income, R’s standard of living
S46 Card S46 V742549 Estimated income for 1973 (18 categories) (total for family)