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1966 Time Series Study

About the Dataset

  • Time Series Study
  • Completions: 1,291 post-election
  • Sample: all fresh cross-section
  • Modes used: face-to-face
  • Weights: (none)

Study Content Highlights

In addition to content on electoral participation, voting behavior, and public opinion, the 1966 ANES contains questions in other areas such as political efficacy and party evaluation. Special interest and topical content includes questions on Vietnam and integration, and new questions on war prospects and how much the respondent cares about Congressional election outcome. In addition, a special section of the survey is devoted to attitudes toward the Supreme Court, its role in government, and its relationship to various groups and issues.

Study Design Highlights

The 1966 ANES is a traditional time series study, conducted face-to-face and constituting a representative national sample drawn using area probability sampling. It was conducted in conjunction with the Survey Research Center Economic Behavior Program’s quarterly survey on consumer outlook and was administered using a combined questionnaire serving both surveys. The 1966 ANES excludes questions from the questionnaire (section B) which were specifically gathered for the EBP survey alone.

Administration of the post-election interview began immediately after the November 8 elections, and continued until January 31, 1967. 1,291 completions were yielded from 1,674 eligible in the sample.