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2000-2004 Merged File

About the Dataset

  • Type of Study: ANES Merged File (Time Series and panel studies)
  • Sample universe: eligible voters in U.S. households
  • Sample composition: cross-sections
  • Sample selection: area probability
  • Number of waves: 5 total
  • Completions: per component study
  • Modes used: face-to-face, telephone
  • Instrument format: CAPI, CATI
  • Weights: per component study
  • Auxiliary files: none

Study Content Highlights

This data file does not represent new content, but is the result of merging data from 3 previously-released studies. For additional information, please refer to the documentation of the source studies, the ANES 2000 Time Series Study, the ANES 2002 Time Series Study, and the ANES 2004 Panel Study.

Study Design Highlights

Respondents from the 2000 Time Series study were re-interviewed as a portion of the 2002 Time Series study sample, and some respondents interviewed in both 2000 and 2002 were interviewed again in a study which was specially designed for the purpose of re-interviewing them in 2004, the 2004 Panel study. A pre-election and a post-election survey were conducted for each of the two component Time Series studies, and a post-election survey was conducted for the 2004 Panel study. The table below displays respondents’ participation over the three studies. Rows correspond to combinations of completed interviews across the surveys.

Number of Cases 2000 TS Pre 2000 TS Post 2002 TS Pre 2002 TS Post 2004 Panel (Post)
152 X
468 X X
17 X X X X
29 X X X
57 X X X
244 X X X X
5 X X X
49 X X X X
38 X X X X
748 X X X X X
Total ‘Panel’ 1807 1555 1187 1070 840
Fresh Cross 324 276
Total (All) 1807 1555 1511 1346 840
* Note: In the ANES 2002 Time Series Study, a fresh cross-section of respondents was sampled in addition to the component (the ‘panel’ component) of respondents previously interviewed in the 2000 Time Series study. 2002 fresh cross-section cases are not included in this file; Ns for the 2002 fresh cross-section cases are shown above in column totals for the 2002 Time Series study only.

Weights Summary

The five weight variables from the original studies (the 2000 and 2002 Time Series Studies and the 2004 Panel study) are included in this file, though they have been renamed as follows: WT00PRE, WT00PO, WT02PRE, WT02PO, WT04.

Auxiliary File Description

No auxiliary file is present for this derivative file release.