2020 Social Media Study

About the Dataset

  • ANES Special Study
  • Sample: probability online panel
  • Completions: 5,750 pre-election and 5,277 post-election
  • Mode: Internet
  • Weights: weighed analysis is recommended

Study Content Highlights:

The ANES 2020 Social Media Study was designed as a two-wave pre- and post-election study similar to the ANES Time Series studies, using an established online survey panel maintained by NORC at the University of Chicago.

The pre-election and post-election questionnaires have the same content, affording repeated measures of the same constructs. The questionnaire covers voter turnout and candidate choice in the 2020 presidential primaries and general election, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, feeling thermometers, feelings about how things are going in the country, trust in institutions, political knowledge and misinformation, political participation, political stereotyping, political diversity of social networks, and campaign/policy issues including health insurance, immigration, guns, and climate change.

Additional Data

The ANES 2020 Social Media Study will allow direct linkage of survey responses with data from participants’ Facebook accounts. Access to Facebook data will be available through a restricted access process that will require authorization from the IRB at the data analyst’s home institution. The user guide and codebook for that dataset are available for download from this page so that users may begin planning their analyses. However, the dataset itself is not yet available. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.