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ANES Announcement: researcher wanted for our Stanford officeFebruary 9, 2023 ANES is a close collaboration between personnel at Stanford University, the University of Michigan, Duke University, and the University of Texas at Our major projects in the 2024 cycle include three forms of data... more
ANES Announcement: Updated Guide now finalized, with new charts addedSeptember 20, 2022 Dear American National Election Studies (ANES) User Community, Our thanks to those who tried out and provided feedback on the beta version of our reworked ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior... more
ANES Announcement: 2022 Pilot Study now availableDear American National Election Studies (ANES) user community: The ANES 2022 Pilot Study dataset and associated documentation are now available for download from the Data Center on the ANES website at this location: The ANES 2022 Pilot Study is a... more
1954 Minor StudyDOWNLOAD DATA Please log in or register to download DOWNLOAD DATA August 17, 2022 version CSVSPSS STATASYNTAX QUESTIONNAIRES Questionnaire CODEBOOK Codebook About the Dataset Number of Cases: 1139 Number of... more
2022 Pilot StudyDOWNLOAD DATA Please log in or register to download DOWNLOAD DATA December 14, 2022 version CSVSPSSSTATA QUESTIONNAIRES Questionnaire CODEBOOKS User Guide and Codebook About the Dataset ANES Pilot Study Completions: 1,585 (of which 1,500 are weighted cases... more
ANES Scanning ProjectFrom 2018-2022, we tackled the project of converting decades of paper archives to digital We want to thank the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan for their help in funding this We processed over 1060... more
Updated CDF and a new beta version of the ANES GuideSeptember 20, 2022 Dear American National Election Studies (ANES) User Community, We are writing to announce that we have just released two new products: An updated Cumulative Data File (CDF) is now available for download from the Data... more
ANES Advisory Board Meeting August 8-10, 2022 Institute for Social Research, Ann Arbor, Michigan Photo courtesy of David Howell, Director of Back row (from left to right): Joshua Tucker, Daron Shaw, Geoff Layman, Shanto Iyengar, John Aldrich, Nick Valentino, Ismail White,... more
ANES at APSA 2022The 2022 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) will take place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 15-18, The conference theme is "Rethink, Restructure, and Reconnect: Towards A Post-Pandemic Political " If you are planning to attend, you may be... more
For Immediate Release: July 14, 2022 The American National Election Studies (ANES) awarded $14 million to study 2024 elections Contact: Jon Meerdink () A multi-university team has been awarded $14 million by the National Science Foundation to conduct a study of the 2024 elections in... more