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ANES at APSA 2019 The 2019 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) will take place in Washington DC, August 29 – September 1, If you are planning to attend, you may be interested in the sessions listed below that make use of ANES Please verify the room... more
ANES Bibliography 2010-2019 Abrajano, Marisa and Michael "Answering Questions About Race: How Racial and Ethnic Identities Influence Survey ; American Politics Research Abramowitz, Alan and Jennifer "United States: Racial Resentment, Negative Partisanship, and Polarization in... more
ANES Bibliography 2000-2009 Abney, "Exploring the Racial Divide on a Non-Racial Issue: Racism, Authoritarianism, and White Death Penalty ; Annual meeting of the WPSA: "Ideas, Interests and Institutions", Hyatt Regency Vancouver, BC Abrajano, Marisa and Keith "Assessing... more
2012 Time Series Study Release Variables  GENERAL STUDY VARIABLES      version   ANES 2012 Time Series Release Version      caseid   ANES 2012 Time Series Case ID      weight_ftf   ANES 2012 Time Series Post-stratified weight for face-to-face... more
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ANES Bibliography 1970-1979 Abramson, Paul "Developing Party Identification: A Further Examination of Life-Cycle, Generational, and Period " American Journal of Political Science Aldrich, John , Richard Niemi, and David "" Andersen, The Creation of a Democratic Majority 1928-1936.... more
The Psychology of Voting and Election Campaigns Abstracts PRESENTATIONS The Politics of Intergroup Attitudes and Stereotypes Brian Nosek University of Virginia CV    |    Presentation    |    Listen to audio Theories of ethnocentrism, authoritarianism, social dominance,... more