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2006 Pilot Study

About the Dataset

  • Pilot Study
  • Completions: 675
  • Sample: all panel
  • Special Cases: Panel cases from ANES 2004 Time Series
  • Mode: telephone
  • Weights: V06P002

Study Content Highlights

The ANES 2006 Pilot Study was conducted for the purpose of testing new questions and conducting methodological research to inform the design of future ANES studies. Over the years, the ANES has used pilot studies to test new questions that can be included in later national surveys. Data from these studies have been very informative. Some have been used to convey substantive and methodological insights in widely-read publications, while others have served as the basis for technical reports that have directly improved subsequent ANES data collections.

The first ever ANES Online Commons allowed interested persons to propose questions for the 2006 ANES Pilot Study. The Online Commons is designed to increase participation in, and the transparency of, the survey development process. The response to this new opportunity was tremendous. Over 300 scholars from a range of scientific disciplines registered for the Online Commons. Collectively, they proposed over 1100 questions – with many coming from younger faculty and graduate students. At the close of the proposal period, an evaluation process commenced, with the knowledge that only about 120 of the 1100 questions could be included on the Pilot Study due to survey length constraints.

Study Design Highlights

Data collection for the ANES 2006 Pilot Study began on November 13, 2006, just after the November election, and finished on January 7, 2007. The sample consisted of 1,211 individuals who completed a valid interview in the ANES 2004 Time Series Study (not to be confused with the ANES 2004 Panel Study).

Note: One of the 1,212 respondents in the ANES 2004 time series study will eventually be dropped from that dataset due to a recently identified problem with the integrity of 1 case (case 0357). Thus, when referring to the number of 2004 respondents, you may see either the number 1,211 or 1,212 used, depending on the context.

The release dataset contains 675 interviews, with the survey portion of the interview lasting just under 37 minutes on average. The re-interview rate was 56%.

Weights Summary

The ANES 2006 Pilot Study data set includes a person-level analysis weight, which incorporates sampling, nonresponse, and post-stratification factors. The 2006 weight was created by applying an adjustment factor to the 2004 pre-election analysis weight (V040101). This adjustment factor accounts for nonresponse in 2006 insofar as 2006 nonresponse is a function of sample members’ age and educational attainment.