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1952 Time Series Study

About the Dataset

  • Number of Cases: 1899
  • Number of Variables: 293

Study Content Highlights

The 1952 American National Election Study emphasizes political attitudes in general along with attitudes and behavior pertinent to the 1952 presidential election. The interview schedule contained both closed and open-ended questions ascertaining a wide range of information. Most respondents were interviewed both before and after the date of the election. The pre-election survey tapped attitudes toward political parties, candidates, and specific issues, as well as personal and political background. The post-election interview concentrated on actual vote and voting-related behavior. Additionally, a sub-sample of 585 respondents was given a form B re-interview obtaining further information about organizational affiliations, personal data, and non-political attitudinal questions. This study particularly emphasized the perception of group behavior, especially the perceived political references of family, friends, and associates.